Module Three: Mapping

For the third module the class was required to make their own websites dedicated to whatever theme they wanted. I decided to do the mapping focus. These means that I had to make a website that had to deal with mapping out someone or something’s travel. I decided to map out Joel and Ellie’s travel from the video game The Last of Us 

This is the link to the site I created:

The process of making a website was difficult. I tried to learn how to use html by using code academy. It took a while but the website was helpful. Once I figured out the basics, I used w3school to look up how to do specific tasks.

As I was working late one night tragedy struck. My website had deleted itself. Luckily now that I knew what I was doing, I was able to remake the website fairly quickly. The website was up and running again. After a few more hours of work, tragedy stuck again. The website deleted it’s again but this time I saved all my code. The digital knowledge center was able to figure out the problem and once again I was able to complete the site.

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