Digital Archeology

For this DGST 101 project the class had to take apart an “obsolete” piece of technology and see if we could figure out where the pieces came from. My group took about an ihome i5.

When we opened up the speaker, we divided up the pieces to make the project easier. I took the speakers, which are located on both sides of the ihome. The speakers were pretty easy to take apart. There were four screws that help the faceplate to the base. There was nothing inside the base. The base had SDI Technologies written on the side so it was clear that’s were the base came from. The face place had more information on the back of it.

I was not able to figure out everything that was on the back of the speaker but here is what I could find:

X50FC19-00D= part number

6 omega= amount of ohms the speaker uses

6W= watts

SK 648= American Radionic Capacitors, which is the company that made the magnet


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