The second module for that we looked at in this class deals with culture. We wanted to look at something that impacts our lives and tries to make a change. My group and I decided to look at #Activism. This module had us look at hashtags that deal with issues around the world. The most recognizable of these are #blacklivesmatter and #handsupdontshoot. For my module I decided to look as some new hashtags that are trying to make a difference.

I started with one that is new but has also been around for a little bit. I figured looking at a hashtag like #standingrock would be a good place to start because it would show me what to look for in newer hashtags that could be trying to get bigger. #standingrock follows the protester at Standing Rock. These people are fight to get the Dakota access pipeline to not be build on indigenous people’s land. The hashtag has raised awareness of this issue and made the protest bigger and even raised money for those at Standing Rock.

The second hashtag I looked at was #copwatch, this hashtag raises awareness about police brutality. Police brutality has been on America’s radar since #Ferguson. Ferguson was not the first case of police brutality but it was a wake up call for most American’s who did not realize it was a big issue. It was the use of social media that caused Ferguson to be know nation wide. Unfortunately, Ferguson was not the last case of police brutality. #copwatch keeps people posted on the new cases of police brutality and what is going on in old cases. #copwatch does not let these awful acts be swept under the rug.

The last hashtag I looked at was #bearingwitness. This is a relatively new hashtag and does not have much traction. I wanted to observe a new hashtag because I wanted to be able to go back and see if it got attention from the nation like the other hashtags would. #bearingwitness brings to light the cruel conditions that are used in the meat industry. The hashtag has videos of animals crammed in cages and being shipped to a slaughter house. The hashtag is around for a good cause but it is to new to do anything yet.

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