Hi my name is BobbyBobbles. This is my fourth year at Mary Washington but it is not my last. I am a part of the Communication and Digital Studies major. My dream is to eventually work in the video game industry so you might see some references to games in my posts.

The name BobbyBobbles comes from a nickname that my friends gave me a few years ago. Ever since they first called me Bobbles I’ve used it for all my social media.

This semester I want to focus on being a better student. I hope to not be late to class this semester, do all my readings, and study a couple of days in advance for tests.

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is a comment. Woohoo for comments. Here are some critiques blah blah blah you suck blah blah blah. JK awesome profile pic!

  2. Bobby,
    I enjoyed learning a little about you. I loved how real and light hearted you come across in your blog. I hope to learn more about you over time.

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